A service provider’s website should contain a list of testimonials from former customers, clients, clients and patients. With just the first name, because it was all quite a long time ago and as a human being you don’t want to be listed with your full name for years. I corrected my own name to Anastasía Ypsilanti, my only real name. As a kid my family called me Natassa – short for Anastasía – but nowadays we just use our full names in Greece and now you can see how beautiful our names are. Anastasía in my case, with the stress on the í.


Parnassos-office testimonials
Entrance Parnassós Talen

Parnassós Talen (2002-2013):


Dutch as native language

I would like to obtain a higher vocational education level for my work, but I have not been in school for a long time. Natassa helped me a lot to get my study skills up to date! With her help I can easily obtain my diploma, I have every confidence!
— Employee of Agri Retail, supplier Boerenbond / Welkoop

Dutch to non-native speakers

-Because I was one of the very first to know everything about the integration exam, I was allowed to provide training to the new COA teachers in 2008. Great satisfaction from both COA and Friese Poort (my contractor).

-I could understand and read reasonable Dutch, but I did not dare to speak it. The training with Natassa helped me to structure the grammar properly and also to speak Dutch. My vocabulary and self-confidence have increased enormously and I can now compose good sentences.
—An engineer from the Marin Foundation, a maritime engineering company in Wageningen

-We learned a lot in the 2010 summer course. We talked about many different topics, crossed the grammatical points and crossed the i’s, all in three weeks.
—Group of summer students 2010

-We learned a lot in a short time, both about the language and about Dutch culture. In this course you will learn Dutch quickly and effectively. The grammar is also well explained. Natassa is the best teacher we have ever had!
—My group of advanced private students

-I learned a lot of Dutch in one week and also learned a lot about how things work in a Dutch company!
—An engineer at the Marin Foundation, Wageningen

-I am so happy with the clear explanation of the Dutch grammar rules and with the practical speaking exercises!
—An assistant secretary at Eismann frozen foods, who had been the director of a large company in Germany.


Training in my classroom


Natassa’s lessons are about the language and culture of Greece. After a series of lessons we are perfectly prepared for our time there!
—Two expats who followed intensive language and culture training

-I can now not only speak Greek, but also fax and email! This is essential for quick orders.
—Magrico, company that imports foodstuffs from Greece French

-We practiced the French language very practically and read articles from the media about my profession, so that I quickly mastered the words and sentence structures I needed.
—an employment expert from SV-Support

-I got all 7s and 8s after the lessons with Natassa, while I only needed a 4!
—A pre-university education student from Wageningen, who would like to become a doctor, but did not have any French in his curriculum (7 and 8 = B, 4 = E)

-The technical German and English training courses organized by Natassa Ypsilanti go very well and the trainers are very professional.
PTC+, technical training company in Ede and Barneveld

-The employees at Aramco used to look down on us as canteen ladies, but now that we speak English, they respect us. We can make ourselves understood very well after the training.
—The canteen ladies of Sodexho / Aramco, an Arabic company where English is the main language


Former patients and clients of my practice Gouden Era


My practice from 2016 on

Testimonials from people who have been healed by me. Mind you: I had a very long page, but by pressing the wrong button once, everything was gone. I still have some, but much less than before.

Testimonial in De Stad Amersfoort by a patient with anaphylactic allergy. The piece has still been there for over two years, while they usually remove everything from this newspaper after a year.

“I don’t know what concentrated juice is. But we do have these juices from Schulp. They are very good and concentrated. [They were indeed the juices that Natassa intended for strengthening]. I have previously tried for a while on the advice of someone else I took blackcurrant juice. Believe it or not, but I then quit smoking. That didn’t work before without that juice, so it must have done something. [Correct: strength and oxygen] Now, on your advice, I took blueberry juice for a few weeks Every day two half glasses with a little water added. That’s not bad, is it? [Nope] And now suddenly I don’t need reading glasses anymore. Look, they’re still there, but I never wear them anymore!”
—the experience with Natassa Ypsilanti of a shop owner from St. Annaparochie

“Natassa cured me of migraines, glandular fever and hay fever, allowing me to go back to school. She also coaches and supports me with my homework and school assignments. Thanks to her, I am now in pre-university education (VWO-6) and I am doing very well. Through her I have also met a few nice friends. I can absorb and remember the lesson material much better than before I came to her and she always encourages me. Sometimes on the phone for hours, not always paid, and you can also use WhatsApp I always ask her everything. She also cured my brother and my father of dyslexia. My father was very tired because he had to work hard and take care of all three of us, but now he can handle it again.”

“Thank you for your fantastic treatments! You protected my family and because of you we are still together.” -Lots of love and gratitude from Rosita “With your endless patience and perseverance, you helped me overcome my schizophrenia, which was accompanied by delusions about literally everything. I also had multiple personalities, the psychiatrist thought it was MPD. They are gone and I have been one person for years now. The COPD for which I was always in the hospital is also gone and I haven’t heard voices for years, even though I often pretend.”

“Thank you very much for helping me so much in gaining clarity in my life! I’m completely recovered.”
-Much xxx and God’s rich blessings, Jane

“Thank you for all your hard work. Your overtime is priceless! I have gotten rid of my insecurity and everything is going much better here.”
-Ingrid B

“What a star you are. All that work and also keeping us informed. So much respect for your path. Thank you <3“ -Joelle “Dear Natassa, Thank you very much for everything you do for us. I support you 100%!”
-Jan Alje

“You describe exactly the places that I observe in my boyfriend’s brain, he is always tired, cannot remember anything, runs on autopilot in the morning, everything he picks up in his hands just disappears again. ……… he doesn’t know where, has trouble breathing, because he stutters when he wants to talk, which he actually prefers not to do, so far nothing physical has ever been found, but for me there are a lot of coincidences in his place, thank you for sharing,”
-love, Francis

“Hi Natassa, I have been following your weblog for a while and have learned a lot from it, although it is sometimes quite complicated to understand immediately. I think you are doing great work and will continue to follow it. I would like to come to the healing day with my wife ”.
-big hug, Evert

“Dear Natassa, What a coincidence? What a luck! On your website I came across my statements and thoughts, especially your piece about ADHD, autism and dyslexia. My wording is a bit more in home garden and kitchen language and I’m talking about “rigid systems” but I think it’s great that I came across you! I know and feel that ADD, autism and dyslexia (but also borderline and perhaps others?) are not diseases or conditions but symptoms of “stress”, of surviving in an inappropriate environment. I will immediately email your piece to a friend with whom I shared my thoughts about ADD in combination with (high) giftedness.”
-Warm regards, Carine

“Natassa does unique healing work with ethereal observations, which most of us cannot imitate. Therefore, it is impossible to check her work. The fact that she is so open and honestly admits her limits makes her appear extremely reliable. My transformation processes have been a lot faster since her session.
– Micha Beuger, www.transformatiebegeleiding.nl

“I started searching on the site, met Natassa there, with all the problems of myself, children and grandchildren. A new world has opened up, with new energy, solutions, you enter a new body, as it were. There are so many beautiful things coming to you, not to mention. You would almost say: your wishes are fulfilled!!! It will also be HAPPY for the business world. Natassa has powers that are immeasurable, she is a beautiful person!
– Corrie

“I have now spoken to Natassa a few times in a very short time and she was the first who was able to explain very clearly to me the situation I and my family are in. Natassa has helped me, my uncle and family a lot, we have seen a lot of changes. Our family is close again after a few treatments. Natassa, thank you for your help, time and wise words. I’m sure I’ll call you a few more times. Kisses, Naima “
– Naima

“I had a gum infection that had been bothering me for 9 days. The inflammation was on the inside of the teeth and spread to the outside. Everything started to swell. As I chewed it pressed into the bones at the top of my face. After one healing the pain was completely gone. Never came back either.”
–Marcus T

“I sometimes call Natassa on difficult days. Then I feel like I’m talking to a normal person. She always gives me guidance and confidence. What Natassa says is true, the pieces of the puzzle fall together when I speak to her. Natassa has an ear for people, you can always call her. She has a heavenly voice that sings. The exercises that Natassa gives in her newsletters and on the website work like a charm. I always do them and am very happy with them.
– Vlammetje and Sterretje (identity known to Natassa)

“I have been suffering from diabetes for years and am therefore overweight. After one healing of about an hour by Natassa, during which the light team was very prominent, I already feel much better. My sugar levels have been very good and stable every day since then. I’m also starting to lose weight because my body is releasing fluid.
– Someone who likes to remain anonymous (identity known to Natassa)

“I experienced the distance treatment that I recently received from Natassa as very pleasant. I am back in my power again. I am increasingly aware that I am in my heart instead of my head. I feel great. Thanks Natassa.”
– I.T.

“I had a tight feeling in my chest for years. First Natassa took a lot of electromagnetic radiation out of me. The next night, members of the lighting team came by and removed a plate from my chest. I could see them working and hear them talking. After removing the plate from my chest, the shortness of breath is gone.
– a happy janitor who would like to remain anonymous

This is what people thought of my medications: “I used the eucalyptus cream for my knee joints. I feel completely flexible down to my bones. After using it, my knees got cold for about 10 minutes. Then the pain was drawn out by that cold. I will use it for 3 months to get the maximum results.
– Nassim B

“When I started making creams, I tested them myself. The eucalyptus cream makes my whole body ice cold and then I feel all the pain go away. I can then move a lot better again for days. The rose cream has given me back some of my beautiful Mediterranean complexion and my face looks even younger than before. Furthermore, I always had very small dots on my legs, where a very small white ribbon came out when I pressed them. Now those spots are no longer there and my skin has become a lot tighter and firmer everywhere. After 2 months of use, the nail oil has made my nails, which were so soft that they always broke off immediately, a lot harder.
– Anastasía Ypsilanti herself

“I work a lot with water. Natassa then gave me a bottle of Donavé water, the way she makes it. It is super powerful and provides enormous protection for myself, my home and my family. The energy is immediately cleared when I use it. “ 

“I had wounds on my stomach. I treated it with Natassa’s rose cream. I have been doing that for a week now and they have already diminished considerably. Really amazing!
– Engel L

“The rose cream is a nice cream. The red and rough spots near my armpit have diminished considerably and my face has gained more color. It is not only good for my skin, it also does something for me spiritually. I notice that this gives me more insight. Furthermore, I use Donavé water for almost everything and I must say that it makes my life and environment more and more pleasant. I clearly notice changes or some reaction after using Natassa’s Donavéwater.”
– I.T.

“We are repairing our house. Since I applied the pakua in our house, we get more strength, more creative and better ideas to solve financial problems and negative people stay away from us. Everything goes faster and the energy flows in the right direction. We are so happy, it is so beautiful to see how powerful it works!”
– Angela Voncken


From Facebook:

Helped with Chronic Fatigue Disease and creating peace in her home and life:
-Natassa is the only one who can REALLY heal you.
The medical world doesn’t cure or don’t know. Natassa yes!!! Have you been suffering from chronic complaints for years and nothing helps? Then there is only 1 person for whom you have come to the right place and that is Natassa.

Helped with her marriage (saved) and her son who had a learning disability:
-Natassa tackles diseases and complaints at the root instead of at the flower as I have often encountered in ‘regular’ medicine.
As a result, I notice changes in both myself and my family that are finally permanent. I have literally been amazed at what the cause could be, but I know it is because, simply put, I just notice it!

Helped from someone with ADD who was addicted to gaming, weed and smoking to a married father with family, college diploma, good job and without ADD:
-You’re awesome! Sorry to see this so late, I’m hardly on Facebook anymore! I give your page 5 stars because you are not only great, you are also honest! Lots of love Oh! I didn’t know this would be public 😀 I’ll tell you a little more about why I’m giving 5 stars. Natassa cares about us more than we care about ourselves. Everyone can understand how Natassa explains solutions. She is also the smartest woman I know! Natassa helps everyone she can help! If the whole world ‘copies’ even a little bit of Natassa’s standards and values, then it will be a big step towards a beautiful world. The medicines have helped a lot! I am gaining more and more control over my life! I am her forever grateful!

Mother and son helped with ADD and son helped with social skills:
-I have known Natassa for some time and I see every time how selflessly she works and how much she wants to help you.
She makes her herbal tinctures and creams herself and she doesn’t charge much for them, even though she invests a lot in them. Made with love and attention, everything purely natural. I have used some of her tinctures and creams with good results. I am very happy that I got to know her.

Relieved of Thalassemia:
-Natassa is a woman who helped me very well. I was ill and Natassa helped me very well to get back on my feet. And still now. She is a woman of integrity who you can never rely on in vain. Her way of working is great and many doctors can appreciate her. Natassa continues until she finds where it is or comes from, which is also hard to find these days. I benefit a lot from it. Natassa keep it up, you are a great woman who takes her job seriously. Thank you for everything you’ve done for me. You deserve a ribbon.

Helped with everything, especially standing on my own two feet, setting realistic goals and seeing progress in her eyes:
-Received a lot of support and acquired knowledge that helped me move forward with my growth process.
thank you Natassa xxx

Healed her sick husband:
-Natassa is a fantastic person, very trustworthy and honest, anyone who puts it differently doesn’t know a thing about it and has to keep their beak closed, I wish you lots of strength and love Natassa

Helped with rheumatic complaints in hands, shoulders and back; saved company and marriage:
-I came into contact with Natassa a few years ago and she helped me very well.
Her way of healing is different from regular healers, but Natassa helps you get to the root of your ailment or illness, namely ethereal, so that your physical body can heal. She supports her treatment with 100% natural herbal tinctures, which optimally eliminate the complaint.
-Angelo van Driehoogachter


First grade teacher at school

From the time when I was a Greek teacher for the NTI and French, Dutch and communications at secondary school, what I still have left, because at that time it did not seem necessary to save every compliment for years later, when I was slandered. They were long letters, so I’ll take a piece out. (1996–2002)

Greek course NTI

“Thank you very much for the excellent guidance during the Modern Greek course. I found this personal approach to a rather distant course very pleasant. I also have some criticism of the course […]. However, this does not detract from it thanks to the careful and very expert way in which you guided me in the learning process. Thank you again for this!”
-this student was a high school teacher himself (I wasn’t yet) French in VWO-5

“[…] I would also like to thank you very much for the time you spent teaching us this year. We wish you a pleasant holiday and I hope to see you again next year.”
-Student from VWO-5 (fifth year of pre-university education).

Aristotle University in Thessaloniki

For example, this is what my professor of didactics and linguistics in Thessaloniki thought of me in 1994. She wanted me to do my PhD with her, which unfortunately did not work out for financial reasons. Below are two recommendations from two other university teachers. I needed them to apply for a scholarship and they were all happy to recommend me. I needed three recommendations, but the other teachers all asked me why I didn’t ask them LOL. By the way, I did not get the scholarship because the lady who had to decide on it could not understand that, with my high school diploma and as good Greek as I spoke, I did not study Greek letters. However, that did not work with my incest history: I am as dyslexic as a dog. 🙂 



I have had the opportunity to meet Mrs. to get to know Anastasía [Ypsilanti] well as a student of the doctoral course “Analysis of Language Requirements” (code 1113) and to follow her work. That is why I can testify to her qualities and that is certainly a particularly pleasant task for me, given that Mrs. Ypsilanti is responsible, hard-working and methodical. She combines genius with high ethics, she is sociable, pleasant to be with and cooperative. I would like to make a special mention of her achievements in the Greek language, which are almost on par with those of a highly educated native speaker.

(signature) Prof. Dr. Vasso Tokatlidou

Aristotle University of Thessaloniki
Faculty of Arts
Section French Language and Literature
Department of Linguistics and Didactics

Thessaloniki, 7-11-1994

Ms. Ypsilanti is a student at the Institute of French Language and Literature. She attended the Phonetics I and II and Phonology lectures with great interest and passed all papers and exams. She has a mature attitude and is eager to learn and always tries to improve herself. Award of a scholarship to Mrs. Ypsilanti will give her the opportunity to devote herself with all her energy to her studies, freed from the need to face daily survival problems, which in her case are more difficult because it is very difficult for her, coming from abroad to find a job. Since I believe that Mrs. Ypsilanti will make the best possible use of the scholarship, I recommend her to do so without any reservations.

Niki Charalabopoulou (signature)

Assistant Professor of the Department of French Literature

Aristotle University of Thessaloniki
Faculty of Arts
Section French Language and Literature
Department of Linguistics and Didactics


The undersigned Vassilikí Koutsousimou declares that Mrs. Ypsilanti Anastasía attended French Language in Writing classes three hours a week during the academic year 1993-1994. Since knowledge of the Greek language is necessary to attend these classes, Mrs. Ypsilanti has worked very diligently to improve her Greek. In summary, she was a good student, showed herself to be regular and hardworking and graduated with grades 9 and 8. This statement is intended to support her in obtaining a scholarship from the Greek government. (signature) Thessaloniki,

November 2, 1994  Thessaloniki

Language Institute

“This certificate is issued by the Laboratoria for Free Study “Karriera” and states that Mrs. Natassa Ypsilanti gave private lessons to two students on a freelance basis in the period from July 1994 to July 1995. This was to teach them Dutch. In the During the period of this collaboration she showed herself to be hardworking and consistent. She did her work with great enthusiasm and pleasure and we highly recommend her.”

-The management, (signature illegible)

Stamp: Laboratories for Free Studies – Commercial Studies

Phone: 261.601
Vasileos Irakliou 25

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