Invest in Anastasía Ypsilanti
Invest in Anastasía Ypsilanti!


Give me one reason to invest in this new and successless news website, which is yet another one-man-show!“.


Here it is:


 Anastasía often knows things before anyone else.



Anastasía Ypsilanti, owner and journalist with double MA in French, Greek and Dutch literature & linguistics, was kidnapped from her family and had to grow up in the Dutch Satan Cult. Without any reason the Dutch government hates her guts and those of her family and always sabotages her whatever she does or even tries. She doesn’t want anyone else to live such a hell. Life is meant to be safe, happy and fulfilling. People should be free to live well and governments exists for them, not the other way around. Without being punished with 0 reach on the internet (which means zero income), by taking their children away because they are good parents or even by being arrested for no reason.

For the rest she is a heck of a journalist, who does investigate work and corrects herself whenever she is wrong about something. Find me one other journalist like her! She speaks 7 languages of which 5 at near native level and has cured herself from both ALS and spleen cancer with metastasis (and more). If this lady isn’t worth while, then who is?

If this is what you would like to invest in, don’t hesitate to text Anastasía on Whatsapp: +31 – 6 – 3427 7058. Of course you can also contact her her on her website, on YouTube or LinkedIn.


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